From the Director: School Opening Plan

From the Director: School Opening Plan
Posted on 08/27/2021
August 27, 2021

Dear SMCDSB Staff and Families:

Last year was certainly unlike any year we have experienced in the education sector. This pandemic has impacted the way we live and interact in our everyday lives and of course it has changed teaching and learning for our students. In the face of ongoing school closures, changes to the delivery of curriculum and the absence of important social interactions, our students, staff and families consistently rose above adversity with incredible care, patience and kindness. We have learned so much as a Catholic education system and we will bring this knowledge forward so that we can continue to grow together in a positive and faith-filled way this year.

Our goal is to provide our students and staff with the best possible learning and instructional experience in the safest way possible. We are hopeful that as we move through 2021-2022 we will be able to slowly and safely return to some of the activities and practices you would find in a more typical school-year.

We want our families to know and understand that we must continue to take our direction from public health authorities and the Ministry of Education. Many of the protocols and decisions around how our schools operate, as we continue to navigate COVID-19, are mandated by them, based on research, best practice and expert advice. 

This year, the vast majority of students are returning to face-to-face learning. The return to class for our students and staff will be done carefully, with many of the same enhanced health and safety protocols in place as last year. Our protocols and practices were successfully implemented in all of our schools and board office locations last school year and we have every reason to believe that they will continue to provide our students and staff with a safe place to learn and work.

Our Opening Plan will provide you with information about what to expect this school year and we encourage you to review it prior to school start-up for details about how our schools will operate for the 2021-22 school year. We have also developed a one page School Start-up Highlights, which outlines some of the key changes from last year. 

Once again this year, our plan will focus on four pillars: 

  • Making decisions and plans that are rooted in faith, hope, compassion and inclusion

  • Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for students and staff

  • Exceptional teaching and learning

  • Focussing on mental health and well-being 

Our students rely on us for their academic success, their mental well-being and most especially their health and safety in a Christ-centred environment. We look forward to working together with great cooperation and compassion as we embark on yet another year navigating COVID-19. This year's school year theme - Better. Stronger. Together. is so fitting because despite the challenges we have all faced, we will emerge better and stronger as long as we do it together.


Frances Bagley
Director of Education