Prayer & Resources for Those Affected by the Barrie Tornado

Prayer and Resources for Those Affected by the Barrie Tornado
Posted on 07/16/2021
July 16, 2021

Dear Staff and Families,

As many of you are aware, yesterday a tornado touched down in Barrie which affected several families in the Saint Gabriel of the Archangel, St. John Paul II and St. Peter's communities. We have received many inquiries about donations and ways to help those in need at this time.

People who wish to help are asked to contact the City of Barrie at 705-746-4242 or the Red Cross.

We recognize that many of our families may have concerns regarding the impact of this severe weather event on their child or teen.  We are here to help.   Please see the Mental Health and Well-Being section of our website for parent resources that you can review at your convenience.  If you would like to talk with one of our School Board mental health staff about your child, please complete the Mental Health Consultation Request Form and one of our staff will be happy to contact you.

We want to thank everyone who has come together so quickly to support the families who have been affected. Please join us in a prayer as we keep the victims in our thoughts during this time:

Loving and caring God,
in the wake of the tornado that has struck our city,
we are stunned by the dramatic power of nature,

and we grieve for the damage it has caused for so many families.

Wrap your arms tenderly around those who have lost homes and possessions,
and grant healing to those who have been injured.

Guide those who are working to provide security and restore services.

Bless all those who are so generously responding
to the needs of these families at this time of loss and sadness.

May we together support those who are suffering and in shock,
to assist them in the difficult days and weeks ahead.

Lord of all creation,
help us to love and support each other,
through times of turbulence and storm,
knowing that you are with us always.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Yours in Faith,

Frances Bagley

Director of Education