Catholic Education Week: Celebrating Support Staff

Catholic Education Week: Celebrating Support Staff
Posted on 05/06/2020

This year’s theme for Catholic Education Week is Igniting Hope and I can’t think of a more fitting theme during this unprecedented time. During adversity we must turn to our faith and remember that we are people of hope - brighter days will prevail and it is hope and faith that will guide us there. 

Although we are celebrating Catholic Education Week in a much different way this year, this is still a wonderful opportunity to recognize how fortunate we are to share in the gift of Catholic education. It is also the perfect time to recognize everyone in our school communities who continue to work together, during these challenging times, to provide our students with the very best possible faith-based education. 

Each day this week, I feel blessed to be able to appreciate and say thank you to each group who makes up our collective whole. 


Our support staff has played such an integral role in helping our schools transition to our new reality. Our custodial staff have adopted new cleaning protocols to help keep us healthy and safe. Our Designated Early Childhood Educators continue to work with our youngest students as they adapt to distance learning. Our Educational Assistants are overcoming significant obstacles in order to continue their work with some of our most vulnerable students and their families. Our Office and Clerical staff do such a phenomenal job of taking care of the entire school community in so many ways. It is so vital that we recognize that all of us, in our various roles, play such an important part in helping our students achieve their potential.

It is such an honour to work with you.