A Shocking Revelation

A Shocking Revelation
Posted on 03/04/2020
JVA in the snowWritten by Joey Lapp, Student Journalist

On February 22nd, L’Arche International sent a letter to the Federation of L’Arche Communities about the results of an inquiry regarding Jean Vanier. The inquiry stated that Jean Vanier had initiated sexual relations with six women from the period of 1970 to 2005. Those results regarding Jean Vanier surprised and shocked many communities, including Jean Vanier Catholic High School in Collingwood.

There have been questions regarding what all of this will mean for our school in the future. Brian Beal, Director of Education, came to the school and spoke during the Ash Wednesday ceremony about how we will move forward. He offered support and insight for both the students and teachers. The students, parents, or teachers of the school can submit feedback or concerns on a Google Form that will be reviewed by a committee that is working to implement changes in a coordinated and timely fashion.

Regarding the news, the school has faced many questions and problems. An important issue was the renaming of the school. Mr. Beal confirmed with the trustees that a process is being initiated with the school community to change the name of the school, according to board policy. The uniform is another issue to consider. As of now, students are permitted to wear their own clothing instead of the uniform.

Any changes at our school will be carefully considered and with all of the community in mind. There will be people who will deal with the situation in their own ways in order to heal, and during that time there is a safe community to turn to for support. The community will stay strong in the face of adversity.