All Paws on Deck for Holiday Fundraiser

All Paws on Deck for Holiday Fundraiser
Posted on 01/21/2020

For the first time, students and staff from three SMCDSB schools made a collective contribution to animal rescues and shelters in our community. In addition to existing fundraising efforts over the Christmas season, Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St. Ann’s Catholic Schools collected a large donation of food, toys, and various pet supplies.  

Sue Smith

The fundraiser was a longtime goal for Sue Smith, a custodian at Sacred Heart. Inspired by her love of animals and passion for supporting animal rescue, Sue was adamant on finding a way to have her favourite shelters benefit from the generous spirit of our schools. Thanks to Sue’s tireless efforts, her vision came to fruition after nearly three years. 

In order to make it all happen, Sue enlisted the help of a few compassionate supporters. Home Depot in Midland kindly gifted ten large totes to collect the donations, and Mrs. Jagos’ Grade 6/7 class at Sacred Heart got creative and decorated them so they really stood out. Once the fundraiser wrapped up, the donations were distributed to three local, no-kill rescues that are near and dear to Sue’s heart: The Comfie Cat Shelter, Furry Friends Animal Shelter, and Finding Them Homes - James Bay Pawsitive Rescue.

As these rescues are run on donations and by volunteers alone, Sue was touched by the support they garnered, and is hopeful that the fundraiser will only continue to grow each year. “A huge THANK YOU to all who donated, and some of the staff who took the time to send out the letters and helped gather the donations,” Sue said. “Great job everyone - I could not be more proud.”

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