Tips for the New Semester

Tips for the New Semester
Posted on 02/18/2020
Keep calm Written by Kaitlin Wilson, Shayna Stochmal, and Erin Roach, Student Journalists (St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School, Barrie)

As the first month of 2020 comes to an end, there have already been exciting events. The year is still young, and there are countless opportunities to seize as the year progresses, especially for students in the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board.

As students, our new semester has just started. For the Grade 12’s, this is the last semester in high school. This is an important few months - make this the best semester yet! And, for all students, at times it may feel like this semester will never end, as week one probably felt as though it progressed in slow motion. No matter what grade you’re in, here are some tips to make this semester a positive experience:

Stay organized. It’s important in everyday life and in school to stay organized. This means keeping personal and school life balanced, which will maintain good mental health. If you feel drained, taking a mental break from school to enjoy something else is totally acceptable.

Don’t do it alone. Finding friends in classes is helpful and can make you more confident. Ask for help when needed, there are many people within the building who can help like teachers, guidance and peers.

Don’t lose hope. Stay focused. One of the problems many students face is losing the will to work. Push yourself, and set personal goals that you know you can keep. Making a promise to yourself and actually fulfilling it is an amazing personal achievement that we all should strive for.

Don’t throw away all of your old notes! They (surprisingly) may be useful in other classes, as they make learning new concepts much easier, and can help to regain knowledge of old concepts.

Whatever you’re focused on in life right now, 2020 is only going to be as good as you make it. Take opportunities in every area of your life, especially within school, and enjoy this fresh start, both of a year and a decade.