Kindergarten Registration is Officially Open!

Kindergarten Registration is Officially Open!
Posted on 02/03/2020

It’s officially time to register those little ones for Kindergarten! If your child will be four years old in 2020, you can now register them for the 2020-21 school year.

As staff, students and families anticipate the start of Kindergarten registration, we would like to share a beautiful poem, which is a poignant reminder that Kindergarten is not only a big step for someone who is just four or five years-old, but it is also a milestone for all of the big people who have loved that little one up until this point.

Notes to a Kindergarten Teacher on the First Day of School


This is the child who was in my thoughts, long before she was in my womb.

She was named before she was conceived.


This is the child we thought we couldn’t have.


This is the child on whose birthday I wept because I realized that babies don’t keep

And that someday she would even go to kindergarten.


Well, now that day has come.


I’ve changed her diapers and changed her sheets.

She’s changed her clothes at least 5,000 times.


I’ve been her teacher, her disciplinarian, her buddy, her confidant and her albatross.


I’ve seen her first attempts at rolling over.

I’ve seen her almost do a cartwheel.

I’ve waited anxiously for her first word.

Now she uses her logic to outreason and correct me.


I’ve watched her gaze at the world in amazement.

I’ve watched her lasso that world in her play.

I’ve watched her create sandcastles.

Invent her own car seat,

Design doll furniture.

I’ve watched her dance in dramatic delight.

Now I won’t get to watch quite as much.


You’ll be part-time watcher, part-time keeper.


Please watch her carefully. Please keep her well and please, please help keep that

Sense of wonder in her gaze, that creativeness and inventiveness in her work.


I know to you she is just one of many and you don’t know her very well.


But I know that she calls tomatoes “potatoes,” and that she can follow directions to put a bun in my hair, and that she is not very tough.


And to me, she is one of not so many.


She is my firstborn. She is the answer to our prayers.

And she was in my heart even before she was in my womb.

By Anne Ridilla Troy

There is something very special about faith-based learning and our Catholic schools. We cherish every student as a gift from God and know that it takes all of us working together to nurture, protect and inspire their tiny hands and curious minds. 

Please visit your closest school to pick up a welcome package. Everyone at our Catholic schools is ready to warmly welcome our youngest students into our school community.

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