St. Mary's Students Take Part in a Faith Retreat

St. Mary's Students Take Part in a Faith Retreat
Posted on 09/24/2018
On Tuesday, September 18, the Grade 7 and 8 students at St. Mary's Catholic School in Collingwood walked to Jean Vanier Catholic High School and participated in a day-long faith retreat, led by Mr. Pat Bullock.

Students participated in various trust games that involved blindfolds, thumbtacks, and passing students overhead (we assumed that this was a trust game, as opposed to practice for concerts). Other student highlights included stories, making bracelets and (how odd that even a 13 year old picks up on this) Mr. Bullock’s really bad jokes. At this point, one of the more generous students said, “His jokes are not the best but the way he tells them makes them funny.”

faith retreatFun is good. Fun is excellent. Here’s the real question, though - how well did the students pick up on the message of the day?

“Think twice.”  “If you think something isn’t that bad in your mind, think again, because it could be disrespectful.” “Trust in people.” “Have faith in someone.” “I never knew how much people should trust one another.” “Try new things.” “Don’t take things for granted.” “Put your trust in God.” “Believe in God.”

Great messages taken away and time well spent, indeed.