A Prayer in Times of Natural Disaster

A Prayer in Times of Natural Disaster
Posted on 09/20/2017
Please join us in a prayer as we keep those affected by natural disaster in our thoughts.

Loving God, source of all love and life,

you are our help and consolation.

Bless the people affected by the recent hurricanes and earthquake with courage in this time of tragedy and destruction.

Grant them strength to face these difficult days with hope.

Bring comfort to the family and friends of those who have died and experienced loss.

Bless those who are assisting with the rescue and recovery operations, may they be filled with compassion and care.

May your Spirit inspire us to always remember that we are a global family,

called to respond in prayer and good works to our brothers and sisters in need.

When we are tempted to despair and discouragement,

fill us with hope

so that we will truly believe  

that life always triumphs over suffering, destruction and death.

We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ.