Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Decisions, decisions, decisions….
Posted on 11/03/2017
ChoicesWritten by Parker Manktelow, Student Journalist

“As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.”
(Michael Dell)

It’s November, a time of year best known for chilly weather, tributes to war veterans, and awareness for men’s health. Be that as it may, it is also the month of gigantuous decisions, specifically for Grade 12 students.

“What are your plans after you graduate?”

This is the question we have been asked most often since first arriving at high school. Back in Grade 9, the thought of post secondary school seemed centuries away, the mere idea of moving away from home unbearable. Now it’s happening. November is the month of university fairs, college presentations, scholarships and preparation for applications. In a few short weeks, Grade 12 students will not only be thinking about long term career options, but possibly planning for a fast approaching future and making important decisions.

Grade 12 is all about transitions. In an attempt to get students ready for their independent lives, post secondary presentations have been occurring all month from universities such as Queen’s, Lakehead, Guelph, Nipissing, and many more. As scary as moving away may seem to some, other students at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Barrie are excited for a new chapter to begin. A quick walk through the cafeteria during lunch will reveal that almost every table’s main topic is post secondary. A mix of delighted smiles and nervous laughter echoes through the halls and snippets of conversations can be heard regarding the joy of gaining independence and the uneasy realization that students will now have to learn to do their own laundry.

After high school, students will immerse themselves in the ‘real world’ no matter what they choose to do. Whether they decide to go to university straight away, learn a trade at college, take a year off from school to travel or work, or even return to St. Joe’s to expand their transcript, Grade 12s have huge choices to make.

The teachers and staff at SJO hope their students are prepared and excited for their futures. Good luck to all Grade 12 students in the coming months as they complete applications and proudly look back on their accomplishments to date.

Information about applications and/or post secondary planning can be found at Guidance (Student Services) as well as monthly scholarship updates.