What It's All About
Posted on 05/24/2018

You’d think that a victory would be the best part of any game - right? Well, for the boy’s baseball team at St. Theresa’s Catholic High School in Midland, a young boy named Gabe made their win a little less significant.

On May 8, 2018, the St. Theresa’s ‘Thunder’ travelled to Collingwood to take on the Jean Vanier ‘Storm’. Little did they know, they had their biggest fan on the sidelines. Gabe cheered for the boys, collected foul balls, and after the game congratulated the Thunder team on their victory. He asked the St. Theresa’s catcher if he could throw a few pitches and without hesitation, the entire team was cheering him on as he struck out a few of their best hitters.

It wasn’t until one of the St. Theresa’s coaches spoke to Gabe’s grandmother that they realized exactly how much this meant to the little fan. Gabe’s parents are both unable to take care of him and when the team included him, it gave him a sense of belonging and made him feel like part of the team. Gabe even took home a few souvenirs to remember the day - a ball cap and a baseball signed by the entire team.

On the way home, the team ran into Gabe again, where they were greeted once more by his ecstatic face. He gave the team his happy meal toy tiger and the St. Theresa’s boys immediately adopted it as their good luck charm going forward. The toy tiger will now have a front row seat at each game and the boys even suggested making it their very own MVP trophy.

The boys at St. Theresa’s have perfectly demonstrated the Catholic values that make SMCDSB such a special place. Little gestures were carried out with great love and with that, a little boy will remember that day for years to come. Thank you players, coaches, teachers and especially Gabe for reminding us what Catholic education is all about.

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