The Importance of Today

The Importance of Today
Posted on 05/03/2017
TanzaniaWritten by Kayla McBride, Student Journalist

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

May 3rd is finally here. And what is so important about May 3rd you ask? It is the day when 15 students and three staff members from St. Dominic Catholic School in Bracebridge begin their adventure to change the world.

Every other year St.Dominic students raise money and send students on a mission trip to build a school in a developing world country. This year Bryden, Maggie, Preslee, Abby, Nick, Nadia, Kade, Jonathan, Lucas, Madison, Robyn, Brandi, Kennedy, Jacob, Madelaine, Ms.Vandenberg, Ms.Starratt, and Mr.Strong are all part of the team going to Oldonyowas in Tanzania to build a school. Everyone is excited for the trip and preparing for the experience of a lifetime.

Students and staff have worked hard over the past year to fundraise with personal fundraisers and 8 group fundraisers such as the Gala, Drive-a-Ford and the Awake-a-thon to name a few. In addition to fundraising, students participating in the trip have a two period Tanzania class to prepare for this amazing experience. In the class they learn a broad range of subjects including physical fitness, the culture of Tanzania, and also how issues in Tanzania are similar to issues being fought here at home.

As the Tanzania team makes their way to the airport, we can only imagine what they must be thinking. The thrill of knowing they are on their way to not only make a change in the world, but also realizing that their outlook on life might change in the process must be pumping through their veins. The team hopes to make a difference, as previous participants have inspired them to do.

When they arrive in Tanzania the team has a jam-packed schedule. Safaris, mass, building days and days spent with the community children are all on the list. We wish the Tanzania team a great time and all the best luck!