Catholic Education Week - Celebrating our Support Staff

Catholic Education Week - Celebrating our Support Staff
Posted on 05/03/2017

This year’s theme for Catholic Education Week is Walking Forward Together. I can’t think of a more fitting theme during this time when we are called to work with our First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities to the honour the recommendations in the Truth and Reconciliation report. It is also a theme which connects with our board’s focus for this year of Celebrating God’s Family. We are all reminded to work together daily to promote the uniqueness and dignity of all.

Catholic Education Week is a wonderful opportunity to recognize how fortunate we are to share in the gift of Catholic education. It is also the perfect time to recognize everyone in our school communities who work together to share in the faith and learning journey of our students and staff. 

We depend on many people in our schools to help create an exciting, engaging, inclusive and safe learning environment for our students. Each of you is an important part of why attending, visiting, or working in a Catholic school is special - as many people will agree, you can feel the difference when you walk in the front door of one of our schools.

Thank you for being an important member of our Catholic learning team. I thank you for the work that you do each and every day as we tend to the 21,000 entrusted to our care!