Dear Future Me
Posted on 01/19/2016
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The end of  the semester is stressful for many students who may be worried about their final grades. During this possibly anxious time many teachers are working hard to encourage, and enable students to accomplish their academic goals.

Many of the teachers are going above and beyond their time in the classroom to help students and often go unrecognized. On behalf of so many students who have benefited from a teacher’s special attention, thank you.

Mrs. O’Neill is just one of those teachers who inspires as well as teaches.  In the next few days, Mrs. O’Neill’s class will prepare  and record or write a message to their future selves.

“It's a letter to your August self, reflecting on the year you’ve had, encouraging you for the grade 10 year to come” said grade nine student Cassidy, “It’s a great time to write something like this, especially since we are all worried about  exams and the semester to come.” The whole class is excited about this inspiring twist on an English assignment. “I’m eager to see the outcome of this.” said Mrs. O’ Neill.

This is just one example of the many amazing things that teachers at Patrick Fogarty do to make learning fun. Dear Future Me - keep studying hard, you’re doing great!  

Written by Maria Brown, Student Journalist