January at Holy Trinity Catholic High School

January at Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Calendar IconIt’s the busiest time of the year - January, the time students come back from Christmas holidays refreshed and ready to prepare for exams!

Students at Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford West Gwillimbury are working on final course requirements, as well as studying for exams which are fast approaching! It is a busy and stressful time of year for both students and teachers.

Holy Trinity has many ways to ease the pressure for students. Every week, students can attend Homework Help to get assistance, work on CCT’s and prepare for exams. Teachers are eager to offer extra help, ensuring students have the best possible chance to achieve great marks!

In addition, university and college application deadlines are fast approaching for Grade 12 students. Future graduates have lots of options - some may choose to take another year of high school, some may start working right away, join the trades, or attend post-secondary education.

A group of students are also getting excited for March Break, as they are travelling to Italy. The Europe trips are a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, learn about new cultures, and discover the world!

As well, Holy Trinity has recently announced where the next volunteer trip will be! In 2017, a group of students and teachers will have the chance to embark on a volunteer trip to China, with the Me to We organization. These volunteer trips give students the chance to volunteer, discover more about themselves and the world, and how different cultures around the world live.