Literary Lessons with Author Eric Walters

Literary Lessons with Author Eric Walters
Posted on 12/08/2023
SGA welcomes celebrated authorSaint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School in Barrie Author visits SGA buzzed with excitement on Friday, December 1, 2023, as Junior and Intermediate students enthusiastically welcomed celebrated Canadian author Eric Walters to their school!

With an impressive portfolio of over 130 books and more on the horizon, Mr. Walters guided students through an unforgettable literary journey. His presentation went beyond words on a page; he blended humour, videos, and personal stories that mirrored the exploits he pens in his books, leaving his audience laughing and enthusiastic about their own writing assignments.

As Mr. Walters spoke, students were captivated by the re-telling of his life’s adventures. Every word left a mark on the student audience, and motivated them to become their own story tellers.

Students also had a glimpse into Mr. Walter’s research and writing process. The dedication and care he devotes to his writing inspired both students and staff. His words transcended mere storytelling; they were a call to explore, dream, and create.