Michelle Vernon and St. Cecilia Staff

Michelle Vernon and St. Cecilia Staff
Posted on 12/16/2022
Celebrating Staff LogoEvery week we celebrate SMCDSB staff members who have been recognized by a parent, student or colleague.

This week we are celebrating Michelle Vernon, an office Michelle Vernon administrator at St. Charles Catholic School. Michelle was nominated by a colleague, who said:

“Michelle has worked diligently and tirelessly in helping to open our new school. She worked long hours, going beyond the expectations to help ensure that things were ready for the opening of the school in September. Michelle's loving and caring nature are just some of the amazing qualities she brings to our school. Her smile lights up the room and she greets everyone with warmth, kindness and respect. She is always helpful and finds time to assist other colleagues even when she is busy and is an asset to our school and community. Thank you Michelle for EVERYTHING you do for our students, their families and staff. We appreciate all your hard work and care.”

SCE StaffThis week we are celebrating May Boucher, Lindsey Kennedy, Kelly Homem, Robin Parkes, Stacey-Lynn Aitchison and Shauna Dempsey - the principal, administrative staff, teachers and DECE at St. Cecilia Catholic School. This group were nominated by a parent, who said:

“I just wanted to write to you about St.Cecilia Catholic School in Alliston. My daughters have recently switched schools from a public school. I wanted to let you know that the staff at St. Cecilia; (the principal) Mrs. Boucher, (admin staff) Lindsey and Kelly and (teachers) Mr. Parkes, Mrs. Aitchison and (DECE) Mrs. Dempsey have been so kind and helpful. They are exactly what my daughters needed to feel inclusive and welcomed. Mrs. Aitchison and Mrs. Dempsey have been absolutely incredible with staying late to speak with me even before my child had come into the school. On two separate occasions! They have addressed every single one of my concerns as my daughter is in their JK class.

Mr. Parkes even stayed late after school to speak with me and again listened to all my concerns and addressed them. He made me feel so comfortable in knowing that my child will flourish in the classroom environment that he has created.

Mrs. Boucher welcomed us with open arms and went above and beyond our expectations providing us with a school tour after school hours. She listened to all of my concerns and has been extremely kind and gentle. She has done a fantastic job of creating a warm, welcoming, safe and inclusive environment. It trickles down from her to her staff! All the staff have done a phenomenal job with addressing any concerns and questions we have. We are so happy my children are safe, supported and surrounded by so much kindness and love! Knowing that the principal, teachers and staff are all truly invested in what they are doing speaks volumes in their correspondence and actions. As a parent I feel so confident in the school and couldn't be happier! Also Lindsey and Kelly have been incredible. Actually the first time I spoke to anyone at the school; I spoke with Lindsey. It's safe to say she had me at "hello". She was extremely kind and so gentle. Listened to everything I had to say and assured me that the girls would have a great experience. Both these ladies have lived up to what they promised that's for sure! They have even arranged for the girls to have pizza lunch - getting that done was above and beyond and going that extra step to make sure that it could be done. I am beyond happy!!!

We would like to thank Michelle, May, Lindsey, Kelly, Robin, Stacey-Lynn and Shauna for their commitment to Catholic education at our board.