Bubble Soccer with Bebie

Bubble Soccer with Bebie
Posted on 12/13/2016
Mr. BebieWritten by Emily Thouless, Student Journalist

This year’s Monsignor Clair Cup (MCC) held many surprises. Whether it came to the games, the dances, or the good natured brawls on the ice, there was plenty of excitement to go around for the three Barrie high schools attending this highly anticipated annual event!

However, what was most surprising was the introduction of a simply disastrous sport between staff members and mascots known only as Bubble Soccer! The game which involved two representatives from each school, had each participant facing off head to head dressed in giant, claustrophobic bubble suits, attempting to score on each of the school's mascots in a game that will go down in the history of MCC as one of the most hilarious and jaw dropping sport ever held on the ice.

The idea was hatched by MCC planner Mr. Hasenack from St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Barrie, with the cooperation of St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School’s MCC planner Ms. Lemieux and St. Joseph’s Catholic High School’s planner Mrs. May. It was a part of the annual Mascot challenge, and ended with St. Peter’s taking home the glory with representatives Mrs. Morrison and school principal Mr. Bebie passionately knocking down opponents to score a win of three to two in their path to victory.

In the bubble playing the game

But what do you expect when you’re told you’ll be competing in a giant bubble in front of over a thousand staff and students? Mr. Bebie said, “I was anticipating that it was going to be really fun, and the idea of being encased in a giant bubble was exhilarating but also nerve racking, but when I walked out and saw our Panthers cheering they gave me the energy needed to defeat our rivals…” Mrs. Morrison also had some nervousness about the game, saying the claustrophobic confines of the bubble was the only issue she had, but also expressed the fun she experienced - her bruises are proof of her well deserved victory.

The supporting school’s were equally enthusiastic about the sport, cheering the teachers names as they played the increasingly difficult game. But you can only expect such cheerfulness in an event like the MCC, which is known for bringing the Barrie schools together for friendly hockey competition. It is a tournament where all students come alive with a passionate energy, where school leaders shine in their routines created for the annual dance competition, or where teachers who are usually explaining lessons on a whiteboard dress up in bubble suits for an icy soccer game! Hopefully this first game will not be the last, and we can look forward to more slippery, bubbly hijinks at the next MCC.