Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental Health and Well-Being
Posted on 10/22/2020
Mental health exists on a continuum which means that just like our physical health, our mental health fluctuates. There may be times when we feel overwhelmed with stress, feel sad and down, or are irritable and quick to anger. Sometimes we don't feel quite like ourselves and it can be challenging to get back to feelings of well-being.

The SMCDSB Psychology Department provides a range of support to students across the school board. Our school teams and Board staff also work collaboratively with many community mental health partners to coordinate support.
At SMCDSB we recognize that mental health and well-being are the foundations for student achievement. Within our schools we promote positive mental health, teach social-emotional learning (SEL), support early intervention initiatives, provide direct support to students who might be struggling, and make referrals to our community partners when more support is needed. 

For more information and resources on mental health and well-being at SMCDSB and in your community, please visit our website.