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Pattern Party at Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Pattern Party at Saint Gabriel the Archangel
Posted on 11/05/2018

A visit to two "flexible" classrooms at Saint Gabriel the Archangel C.S. left us wanting to return to Grade 2.

Teachers Ms. Hubbard and Ms. Hamlin have turned their classrooms into places where students make their own choices about where they want to learn. There are no rows of desks - instead the children can choose to learn in a house, a tent, they can sit on a bouncy ball or grab one of the scoop chairs. They can work in a group, with a partner or by themselves. The students are asked to make their choices wisely and a list of the ground rules including axioms like, "choose a seat that allows you to do your best," and "if a seat isn't working - find a better spot" guides students in making the the right choices for their own learning and development. Even the teachers don't have desks!

We had a chance to witness this exceptional learning environment first hand at their PATTERN PARTY. Take a look at how fun math can be!