Hire a Student

Hire a Student

Are you looking for a keen, motivated and enthusiastic employee to assist on evenings, weekends or during the summer? Well, look no further...there are students right now who are looking for an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and life skills.

The students from our Catholic schools are striving to become responsible citizens and contributing members of society. Many of our students have already gained relevant experience through volunteer work and community service. They are interested in the world of work and bring a great many skills to the table.

Some students are looking to enter the workplace directly after finishing high school and would benefit from the skills learned through part-time and summer employment. Others are planning to attend college or university and are looking to build their résumés and save for their post-secondary education.

There are also students who are interested in pursuing a skilled-trade and would love the opportunity to apprentice in their area of interest. Please take a look at our brochure about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program if you think you may be interested in having a student complete an apprenticeship at your workplace.

Whether it is part-time, summer or apprenticeship employment, hiring a student can be a mutually beneficial experience for both you and the student.

Need help finding that perfect student?

The federal government provides employers with some great services to help them find student employment. Through the Service Canada Centres for Youth (SCCY), you can take advantage of the following free services:

  • Job-posting services

  • Immediate access to enthusiastic students from all fields to help fill employment opportunities

  • Flexible staffing options to suit individual business requirements (i.e., casual labour, long or short-term employment)

  • Posting services for volunteer opportunities

  • Information on health and safety in the workplace

  • Information on prevailing wage rates, employment standards and labour laws

  • Labour Market Information

  • Information on federal/provincial/territorial government programs and services

Most SCCY offices are open from May to August – take a look at the Service Canada Web Site for more information or to find the closest SCCY office.

Did you know that you can apply for a wage subsidy to hire a student?

Through the federal government's Canada Summer Jobs program, Canadian employers can apply for wage subsidies when they hire a student for a summer job. Not-for-profit organizations, public sector and smaller private sector employers (50 or fewer employees) who create career-related summer jobs for students between the ages of 15 to 30 could get funding.

Employers can:

For more information contact the Government of Canada's youth information line at 1-800-935-5555.