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St. Mary's C.S Participates in the Hour of Code

St. Mary's C.S Participates in the Hour of Code
Posted on 12/08/2016
On Wednesday, December 7, St. Mary's Catholic School in Collingwood participated in the Hour of Code. Every class in the school signed up for the chance to participate in a beginners coding workshop. The incredible Grade 8 students, alongside coding teachers and St. Mary's teachers Ms. Moneypenny and Ms. Dance, introduced the younger students to the world of coding and assisted them with their activities. One lesson had the Grade 1 class practicing left and right, working through multi-step problems, and working with coordinate grids.

During this busy time of year, students are often distracted by the usual hallway bustle, trips back and forth to the gym from costumed Christmas Concert participants, classes coming in from a cold Walking Wednesday, and classes moving to and from French class. However, during the Hour of Code, not one head turned to look. Coding brings total student engagement. 

We are so happy to see our schools incorporating coding into their lessons and allowing students (even little ones) to develop their knowledge of computer science.